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The Final Chapter
WE RATE IT: 5 / 5
The final chapter. Where things finally come together to sum up the plot and, in this case, an absolutely fantastic point to finish a series.
Brewed in York, England; Coalville, England by ,

The Final Chapter Review

The final chapter. Where things finally come together to sum up the plot and, in this case, an absolutely fantastic point to finish a series.

In the final instalment of Brew York's 'Freaky Franchise' sees our heroine finally get the upper hand and defeat her tormentors. Or does she? Is there something more nefarious at play, or is she genuinely free? I guess we'll never know!

Brewed with stout legends Emperors Brewery, there is so much happening in this beer. Aside from being a massive strength at 15% ABV, there's honeycomb, coconut, tonka, cocoa and vanilla all battling it out for taste bud dominance.

The Final Chapter Imperial Stout - Can and Pour

Fittingly rated, The Final Chapter and The Dream Child are both the perfect way to end this special series.

The Final Chapter: Taste Test

The cacophony of flavours and aromas makes this a really busy beer, with the initial scent being coconut and chocolate, with a little bit of vanilla too. The pour is really thick and oozes decadence, as you would expect for a 15% beer.

The texture is thick too and it has a stickiness that coats the mouth, with the initial flavour being a chocolate sweetness that contrasts nicely with a dark chocolate, cherry kind of flavour. As it develops, the flavour turns into a more rounded, deep sweeter flavour with honey and vanilla coming to the fore.

the final chapter

There's a strength underlying the entire flavour profile with a little bit of throat burn throughout, but despite this, the aftertaste is sweet, with a rich chocolate flavour combining with a deeper sweetness from the honey.

The Final Chapter: Can Notes

The Final Chapter sees the heroine of the tale finally seem to get the upper hand on her pursuers, with Freddy Kreuger on a bonfire of coconuts and vanilla pods and presumably the smouldering remains of the other classic horror villains.

It looks far from over though, as a mysterious puppet master is controlling the heroine as she smiles a sweet, stitched up smile which would lead us to believe that there is something larger and more sinister at play.

The can design follows the same style as the rest of the Freaky Franchise with the film-reel style and the black can, giving it an air of drama. Despite being a busy beer in terms of ingredients, the can is surprisingly uncomplicated; especially when compared to other cans like The Ghost Dimension and The Revenge which have a lot going on in the design.

There's a lot of information on the can which like the rest of the series, has a rating on the back. For The Final Chapter, Brew York have added in a cocount rating which is fittingly, 5 out of 5.

Buy The Final Chapter Imperial Stout

Unfortunately, as with the rest of the Freaky Franchise, it's not possible to buy them online from Brew York. You may be able to get your hands on one in a bottle shop though, so worth checking out.

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Honeycomb, coconut, cacao, tonka and vanilla
. Imperial Stout
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