The Revenge
WE RATE IT: 4 / 5
Revenge is a dish best served cold, but The Revenge from Brew York with Naparbier is best served slightly chilled, rather than cold.
Brewed in Brew York - York, England & Naparbier - Pamplona, Spain by ,

The Revenge Review

Revenge is a dish best served cold, but The Revenge from Brew York with Naparbier is best served slightly chilled, rather than cold.

Chapter two of the 'Freaky Franchise' birthday beers sees our heroine fleeing through a maple forest while escaping Halloween's Michael Myers, to the supposed sanctuary of a cabin in the woods.

Any self-respecting horror fan will already know this is a rookie move: cabins in the woods are places you run from not to. The Revenge doesn't take this cinematic certainty into consideration though and contents itself with being a delicious maple and pecan imperial milk stout.

The Revenge Imperial Milk Stout - Can and Pour

Brewed in collaboration with Spanish brewery Naparbier, The Revenge takes on the big flavours of maple and pecan to create a thick, rich and sweet stout that is worth being chased through the woods by Michael Myers for. Probably.

The Revenge: Taste Test

The aroma is very nutty with the pecan flavour taking centre stage, with a little sweetness in there too. The pour is rich and dense and has great legs in the glass, creating a thick, chocolate coloured foamy head.

The flavour itself is similar to Brew York's own Fairytale of Brew York, in that it's big on the maple sweetness and the pecan nuttiness which gives it a rounded flavour.

The Revenge Imperial Milk Stout - Untappd Review

It goes down easily, but the aftertaste is quite sickly sweet which makes it a little harder to drink as you get to the bottom. It's definitely not a session beer and one that would be better nursed and savoured.

The Revenge: Can Notes

I love these can designs. Keeping with the same style as A New Beginning - the first in the 'Freaky Franchise' range - the main image features the heroine running through a dessert type landscape surrounded by maple leaves.

She's running away from a massive Michael Myers, who takes up the enture left hand side of the label and is, rightly, terrifying. The cabin in the woods is on the edge of the image, with the film reel design along the top and bottom.

The back of the label has loads of information about the beer, including a nuttiness rating which replaces the java rating from A New Beginning. These also have a little bio about the chapter and help the overall story of the 'Freaky Franchise' to develop nicely.

Buy The Revenge From the Freaky Franchise Range

These were limited edition beers so you aren't able to buy them as individual cans, but we got ours from local bottle shop Beer Central so it's worth checking to see if your local has some sets left.

By Adam
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