Cadenza Acida
WE RATE IT: 4.25 / 5
An 'acid cadence' from Pastore that will make your face turn in on itself, but in a pleasant way that you'll want to happen again.
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Cadenza Acida Review

Literally translating into 'acid cadence' (didn't even need Google Translate for that), this fruited Berliner weisse from the experts in all things sour Pastore is a beer that will really sort out the proper sour lovers from the ones that like fruity beers.

Mixed fermentation and wild beer sours are Pastore's jam, and they have their own range of Waterbeach weisse - named after the Cambridge town in which they're based - that are similar in style to berliner weisse, but with their own strains of yeast and methods to ramp up the tart volume.

Cadenza Acida - Can and Pour

Cadenza Acida uses their Waterbeach fermentation culture mixed with a whole truckload of pineapple and grapefruit to add in a tropical flavour to the beer that works incredibly well with the tartness.

Cadenza Acida: Taste Test

Like sniffing a basket of tropical fruit, the aroma is very fruity but there's certainly a hint of what's to come in terms of bitterness, with a whiff of the wild fermenation that gives sour beers their sharpness coming through with the fruit.

The pour releases those tropical notes into the glass which allows the sweet, candy like pineapple to really flourish along with the more subtle grapefruit.

cadenza acida

The sharpness of the beer is impressive, and it's certainly one of the most sour beers I've tasted in terms of the level of acidity - which ties in with the beer name. The tartness fades though and gives way to quite a sweet pineapple flavour which is reminiscent of pineapple cube sweets in the almost artificial nature of it. There is grapefruit there but it's subtle and plays second fiddle to the much more obvious pineapple. The aftertaste is a little sticky in the mouth, but the combination of sweet and sour remains to the finish.

Cadenza Acida: Can Notes

Like many breweris, Pastore has a style that all of their beer labels use. The black wrap on silver can is always effective, and their artwork is very eye-catching and attractive. I'm not entirely sure what you'd call this one - tropical Mayan, maybe? - but the startled looking person on the front doesn't look to be having as fun a time as they should with a pineapple hat on.

The wide-eyed look could be because they've been drinking this though, it's a look I felt was familiar once my face had uncoiled itself after the first few sips. The back of the can has all the info you'd expect from a beer can, including taste notes and also a nod to the artists which is a very classy touch.

Buy Cadenza Acida Fruit Sour

If you want to experience a twisted face that's worthy of a gurning competition, then you can get a hold of this delicious beer from Hoptimism for just £5.99; a price you shouldn't turn your nose up at. At least until the beer turns it for you.

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Sharp, tropical, sweet, fruity
. Fruited Berliner Weisse
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