On The Loose
WE RATE IT: 3.25 / 5
If something is 'on the loose' it's probably wild, out of control and more than likely dangerous. This beer is none of those things.
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On The Loose Review

If something is 'on the loose' it's probably wild, out of control and more than likely dangerous. This beer is none of those things.

That's not to say that's a bad thing - who wants a dangerous beer? Crosspool Ale Makers named this after a herd of rampaging cows that invaded the Sheffield suburb of Crosspool in 2015, causing untold chaos in the way only cows can.

On The Loose IPA - Can and Pour

Using new world hops of chinook, citra and nelson sauvin to create a fruity and hoppy finish, On The Loose is a tribute to the ingredients of the modern IPA.

On The Loose: Taste Test

There's a fruitiness to the aroma which is a little citrusy, also with a hint of berries. The pour is quite thin and the colour of the beer is dark, darker than a lot of IPAs which tend to go for light haziness rather than being dark and clear.

The taste itself is malty, with a little sweetness combining with the subtle fruitiness of the hops. The texture is quite thin with little depth, but the flavour is quite full with a smooth finish.

On The Loose IPA - Untappd Review

The aftertaste is a little bittersweet that brings back the maltiness combining with a crisp and clean finish that is quite refreshing even if it is missing a little something.

On The Loose: Can Notes

Blue label with a silver can, the label for On The Loose stands out quite well on the shelf. There's a pattern of lighter blue 'blobs' on the label too, not sure if this is supposed to be related to cows or just a bit of funkiness.

The main image is the cow peeking over the top of the name of the beer, which contrasts nicely against the blue in a bright pink text colour. The cow looks mischievous, but maybe in some way all cows do if they look at you directly.

There's a lot of information on the can which is good for the aficionados, without being too overbearing. It's a simple can that fulfils a simple purpose - which is just as a can should be.

Buy On The Loose IPA

We found this in local bottle shop The Pangolin in Hillsborough, being so local to Crosspool it's hardly surprising. You can grab your hands on one of these online at Craft n Berry for £3.76 a can.

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Citrus, malt, sweet
. New World IPA
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