Trees Looking At You
WE RATE IT: 4.5 / 5
A delightfully small IPA which you can drink with a clean conscience, with 10% of all profits made for Lost + Found from this going to reforestation charities.
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Trees Looking At You Review

A delightfully small IPA which is an all day beer you can drink with a clean conscience, with 10% of all profits made for Lost + Found from this going to projects helping to reforest the Amazon.

If you can get past the weird rooty eyes staring at you from the can, you’re in for a real treat: a tasty IPA that punches way above it’s 2.8% ABV.

Trees Looking At You: Taste Test

This is all about the juice, from beginning to end. It’s brewed with mango, grapefruit and passion fruit alongside being dry-hopped with citra and galaxy hops, known for adding a citrusy bite.

It shows. From the first pour it looks and smells like tropical juice, which is as mouthwatering as it is aesthetically pleasing. The first taste is sharp and tart with the exotic fruit, but there’s a subtle bitterness as well which comes from the grapefruit.

It’s delicately hopped to the point where you can taste the citrus and slight bitterness, but it takes nothing away from the sweetness which carries through to the aftertaste.

Trees Looking At You: Can Notes

Quite a dark and mysterious can, Trees Looking At You does exactly what it says on the tin. Well, can. The front features two circular, root-network style ‘eyes’ with a not-at-all sinister smile underneath.

The black background makes the simple design stand out, with the can name trailing off with the dots adding more to the mystique and sort of creepiness it brings.

Buy Trees Looking At You IPA

You can buy this rainforest-saving beverage from the Lost+Found brewery webstore in packs of 24 for £48, or you can go to Beer52 and get them by the can for just £2.99 each.


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Lost + Found
Size (ml)
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Mango, passion fruit, dry hopped
Micro IPA
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