The Mangolorian
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Not too long ago, from a fridge not too far away, a tangy fruit bomb of a beer was consumed without a blaster or baby Yoda in sight.
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The Mangolorian Review

Not too long ago, from a fridge not too far away, a tangy fruit bomb of a beer was consumed without a blaster or baby Yoda in sight.

Star Wars fans will have no doubt of the connection to Disney Plus's hit series The Mandolorian, a series based on a solo bounty hunter in the distant past of the Star Wars universe. I assume that the gang at Brew York are fans of the series, but knowing their love of naming beer with puns I wouldn't be surprised if they went for this name purely for the pun.

The Mangolorian Milkshake IPA - Can and Pour

A milkshake IPA brewed with mango and lime, along with Galaxy hopes (obviously) from Australia and Nelson Sauvin hops from New Zealand. It's tangy, tasty and a little dangerous, but not in the same way as The Mandolorian.

The Mangolorian: Taste Test

The smell is very fresh with a lot of mango flavours bursting forth from the can pop, that succulent sweetness bringing out the punchy aroma. The pour is a deep orange, like mango juice in appearance with a frothy and light head that vanishes almost immediately despite the splashy pour.

The texture of the beer is quite thin, but there is a definite creaminess to it which lends it a smooth flavour that could very easily be overpowered by the fruit, but isn't.

The Mangolorian Milkshake IPA Untappd Review

The lime is the predominant flavour of this one which I was surprised about, expecting it to be more about the mango. A sharp, zesty flavour makes you pucker your lips as the citrus bittersweet flavour hits, eventually giving way to a smoother, mellower mango flavour that brings a more subtle sweetness to the profile.

The aftertaste brings back the lime sharpness and bittersweet flavour, which isn't unpleasant but certainly ends the beer on a final note.

The Mangolorian: Can Notes

Featuring hovering baby Yoda and what looks like a Mandolorian mask on a lemon, this can design is pretty cool and one that's very much in line with the way Brew York design their beer labels, using the 2d shapes to create a deeper image.

With rockets in the background and odd shapes on the horizon it's in keeping to the theme of the beer and the TV show it's named for; with the contrasting colours of yellow and gradients of green making the can really stand out. I was surprised that there isn't any orange, being a mango beer, but I don't think that takes anything away from the can design.

The back of the can features a lot of information, as is normal for Brew York brews. There's the spider chart that I really love about these beers, with the main spikes towards 'fruit' and 'sweet'. There's a rating too, again normal for Brew York, which in this instance is the 'awakened' rating which gets 4 out of 5 lightsabers, again a nod to the Star Wars theme.

Buy The Mangolorian Milkshake IPA

Difficult to buy online this one, we managed to find it in our local bottle shop so that's the best place to start, otherwise keep an eye out on the Brew York site to see if they make more.

By Adam
A fan of beer since his first can of John Smiths he snook out of his Dad's fridge, Adam is now a craft beer enthusiast. To offset this 'hobby', he also cycles, runs and plays cricket when not spending time with his family.

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