Seven Stone Weakling
WE RATE IT: 3.25 / 5
Seven stone is actually below the minimum weight for adult boxing, which makes this seven-stone weakling truly in a class of its own.
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Seven Stone Weakling Review

Seven stone is actually below the minimum weight for adult boxing, which makes this seven stone weakling truly in a class of its own.

Made with a bunch of English hops, this bitter is quite a harsh drink and one that doesn't go down smoothly as some, but it's still packed full of flavour and certainly holds its own.

Seven Stone Weakling Bottle and Pour

Made with all English ingredients including Maris Otter malt and Olicana hops, fresh from the fields of Worcestershire. Despite the flourishing of international ingredients in the beer market, it's good to see that an all-English ale can still perform on the world stage.

Seven Stone Weakling: Taste Test

Not much in the aroma other than a hoppy freshness, the pour is dark which is in line with the bitter characteristic, but it's much hoppier than many bitters tend to be even by smell.

The body is full and it's quite a rough texture, like your mouth is being beaten by this small weak man by carbonation. There's a grassiness to it but it's not bitter despite the hops, which brings it more into balance with the slight maltiness that runs through it too.

Seven Stone Weakling

The finish is a little smoother with an aftertaste that is slightly bitter and malty. It's a nice enough bitter but I feel like it's missing the warming, bramble spiciness that makes bitter such a comforting, satisfying style.

Seven Stone Weakling: Bottle Notes

A seven stone boxer would look very small and weak indeed, something which Lymestone have reflected with this label which features a brightly lit boxing ring and two scraggly fighters facing off against each other.

Quite a change from their usual label style, this one is quite eye-catching with the bright blue background and boxing-ring featuring behind the fights, which themselves stick out against the background with contrasting shorts/gloves/headguards. A champion of a label.

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Beer Bio
Grassy, hoppy, full, malty
. Bitter
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