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Riggwelter definitely has meaning somewhere. In this case it’s Yorkshire, where it’s used for a sheep that's fallen on to it’s back and can’t get up again.
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Riggwelter Review

Riggwelter is one of those names that you just KNOW has a meaning to somebody, somewhere.

In this case it’s the Yorkshire moors, where Black Sheep Brewery is based - where it’s the phrase used for a sheep that has fallen on to it’s back and can’t get up again unassisted. The sheep is said to have ‘riggwelted’ or ‘rigged’ for short.

Riggwelter bottle and pour

It’s an apt name, because it’s very easy to imagine drinking enough of these to become riggwelted oneself.

Riggwelter: Taste Test

The taste belies the strength and has the flavour of a much stronger ale, with a dark and roasty richness to both the aroma and the initial flavour that comes from roasted malt.

It’s not a smooth ale. Like the Yorkshire moors themselves, this beer is rough and rugged but the flavour is delicious, the maltyness balancing well with the roasted, almost sweet touches.


The finish is quite crisp for a dark ale, and it’s more carbonated than you’d expect, but it’s one that you can imagine being extremely satisfying after a day of righting sheep.

Riggwelter: Bottle Notes

The bottle features a riggwelted sheep, in case you’re left in any doubt as to what that description could mean.

Riggwelter bottle

Naturally, given the brewery name, the sheep in trouble is a black sheep and it’s one that’s laid atop the beer’s name which itself is very bold and striking.

There’s a hilly design on the bottom as well which is a nice touch.

Buy Riggwelter Dark Ale

The Black Sheep Brewery shop is always a good option - they have some pretty sweet swag too.

If you buy your beer online you can get it at Beer Hawk too for just £2.99, but it’s in most supermarkets so you should be able to pick on up off the shelf - no righting necessary.


By Adam
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