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With a name that will only make football fans chuckle, this Vienna-style IPA will have even the footy-haters cheering.
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Rapid Review

With a name that will only make football fans chuckle, this Vienna-style IPA will have even the footy-haters cheering.

At its core this one isn't just a standard IPA with a funny name, it's an IPA that uses Vienna malt as the body, allowing the hop varieties of Amarillo and Ekuanot hops to do their thing and bring loads of tropical fruit flavours to the party.

Rapid Vienna IPA - Can and Pour

Marble even reckons there's some eucalyptus in there knocking around which I didn't get personally, but it adds an element of intrigue.

Rapid: Taste Test

The aroma is mainly hoppy, but with a citrus fruitiness running underneath the bitterness of the hops. The pour is very lively and almost like a pilsner with the big carbonation, which calms down once it's out of the can and it becomes much smoother.

Rapid Vienna IPA Untappd Review Adam

The main flavour is bitter at first, developing into a delicate fruity flavour that's definitely tropical, but difficult to pin down exactly what tropical fruits there are.

The aftertaste brings the hop back and it's quite dank in the mouth, but then you're left with a malt-bitterness that's pleasant and brings you back for more.

Rapid: Can Notes

I was really, really hoping that the colours of this can would match the colours of the Rapid Vienna football strip. But alas, they don't. Not entirely, anyway.

The green is Rapid Vienna's chief colour, but there's not a drop of blue in sight. From my limited research, it looks like the Rapid Vienna goalkeeper kit in 2016 was blue, and the 2006 kit was half red half blue. But I doubt that these are what this can is referring to.

Rapid Vienna IPA - Can

Either way, the blue fading up into the green creates a very striking effect which is what made it stand out in the first place. The big (massive) wording on the side is somewhat of Marble's design style for their cans, and the 'rapid-viertelstunde' was another intrigue.

Translated from German this means 'rapid quarter-hour', which seems to be something unique to the club where at the start of the final 15 minutes the fans clap, and the pace of the game increases to apply pressure to the opposition.

I can't speak for it as a football tactic, but as a piece of trivia on the side of a beer can it is exceptional.

Buy Rapid Vienna IPA

The only place I could find it online was Lancashire Bottle Shop where it's on sale for £3.50, which is a fair price just for the name itself never mind the beer.

We got ours from our local bottle shop Beer Central, so it's probably worth you checking out your local before trying to track it down online.

By Adam
A fan of beer since his first can of John Smiths he snook out of his Dad's fridge, Adam is now a craft beer enthusiast. To offset this 'hobby', he also cycles, runs and plays cricket when not spending time with his family.

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