Radiant Fog
WE RATE IT: 4 / 5
A well-balanced, rounded fruit bomb of an IPA that is sure to take your mind and tastebuds to an ice-cold can of rubicon.
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Radiant Fog Lychee Session IPA Review

When I saw this on the shelf of my local Marks & Spencer, my mind immediately rushed to the Lychee Rubicon that I so closely associated with the corner shop near my old school.

I had the same thought, bolstered by a rush of nostalgia, when tasting Radiant Fog, Magic Rock Brewery's Lychee Session IPA...

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Radiant Fog Lychee Session IPA Taste Test

As soon as you open a can of Radiant Fog, you are smacked with a wave or sweet, tropical aromas that immediate makes you want to get stuck in. Radiant Fog smells absolutely delicious. All you can smell is Lychee, which is a bloody good job and does reassure you from the off, that you are going to get what you want.

The taste and flavour profile is no different. It's one, big, MASSIVE Lychee fruit bomb. It literally does take like Lychee Rubicon (and for those of you who aren't familiar... Google it). The sheer levels of fruitiness, however, do not takeaway from the rest of the brew - it is still incredibly well balanced, with the pithiness of what is almost an orangey-citrusy landing mellowing out the sweetness of the lychee and other tropical flavours.

The other thing about this beer that is hard to ignore, is how full-bodied it is. It could almost be a milkshake IPA it's that smooth and creamy. In my opinion, that only adds to it's appeal and ... speaking of appeal, look at the haze! It just looks like a bloody good beer, right? A gorgeous, deep amber, that is so hazy you can't see through. There simply is nothing better.

Radiant Fog Can Notes

There is no denying that the Magic Rock Brewing can design and overall branding is really cool. Their Radiant Fog Lychee Session IPA is no different. Really nice colour scheme that actually almost describe what you are about to taste.

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Buy Radiant Fog Lychee Session IPA

Honest Brew members can pick up (what I'm assuming is an older version of this same brew - Saigon Fog Lychee Session IPA) for £3.97 a pop.

Alternatively, you can find these in M&S!

By Adam
A fan of beer since his first can of John Smiths he snook out of his Dad's fridge, Adam is now a craft beer enthusiast. To offset this 'hobby', he also cycles, runs and plays cricket when not spending time with his family.

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