Lavender Hill
WE RATE IT: 4.25 / 5
A Crisp, refreshing yet malty summer ale that ticks all the right boxes
Brewed in London, England by 

Lavender Hill Beer Review

Since the launch of Lavender Hill back in 2013, we’re told it has become Sambrook Brewery’s most anticipated seasonal release. Immediately upon sipping this beer, it was easy to see why. It is delightful. The can is really nice, as can be said of Sambrooks branding actually! It’s a beer that would immediately catch the eye in supermarkets and would definitely appeal to the more experimental beer drinker (on the name of this beer alone), such as myself. 

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Lavender Hill Taste Review 

This beer is delightful. It’s really, really good. The flavour profile is very cleverly balanced and captures the phrase ‘Summer Ale’ perfectly, so you definitely aren’t going to be disappointed on the basis. 

Lavender Hill is crisp and refreshing, as you would want it to be in Summer. It’s clean and sharp, with the main tasting notes being honey blossom. That said, this beer is also sweet and malty, which accommodates the ale aspect of the Lavender Hill drink. Combine the crisp and refreshing notes with the sweet and malty and it is no surprise that you are left with what I coin to be the PERFECT Summer Ale. 

Lavender Hill Can Review

As we alluded to in the intro, we are a big fan of the Sambrook’s Brewery branding. Their logo is eye-catching and so is the colour scheme on the Lavender Hill vessel. Served up in a 440ml can, there is plenty of love to go around and at £2.75 a pop, this is a really well-priced beer, especially given the quality and quaffability (is that a word? It is NOW) that lies inside. 

Recent Activity at Sambrook’s Brewery!

After 15 years of development at the Ram Quarter in Wandsworth, Sambrook’s Brewery were approached to design and install a brewery and heritage centre on the site of the old Youngs Brewery. The brewing scene in London has changed immensely since Sambrook came into play in 2008. There are more breweries and beers than ever before and the rich history of brewing in London has been kept alive by a passionate bunch of beer drinkers and brewers alike. Sambrook’s new home in the heart of Wandsworth is helping them cement their place as an up and coming craft brewery, while also enticing visitors to their new home. 

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