In The Long Run
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In the days of funky hop mash-ups and weird sour concoctions, creating a single-hopped pale ale is a brave thing to do. Fortune favours the brave, though.
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In The Long Run Pale Ale Review

In the days of funky hop mash-ups and weird sour concoctions, creating a single-hopped pale ale is a brave thing to do. Like the best classics though, they will always come back in style as beer drinkers crave a brew that does the simple things well without any flashiness.

In The Long Run Can and Pour

Long Man Brewery has teamed up with fellow Eastbournians and menswear brand Urban Industry to collaborate with them on a celebration beer to mark their 10th anniversary and Urban Industry's 20th. A celebration of independent business, In The Long Run is a nod to the success than can be achieved over time if you can overcome the challenges along the way.

Brewing with just one hop variety is a statement of showcasing that you don't need to mix a good thing with other good things, and in choosing El Dorado - a hop known for it's juiciness tropical flavours - they have chosen a cracking variety to show off with.

'In The Long Run' Pale: Taste Test

There's a whole lot of the tropics in the aroma, which scream mango and pineapple when you pop the can and before you even pour it out. The pour itself is thin, with a light body that holds it's head well.

In The Long Run

The texture is a little heavier and it's quite rough on the tongue, the carbonation taking away some of the smoothness you can get with some pale ales. It works well with the bitterness, which is balanced wonderfully with the fruity aromas and hint of citrus flavour.

The aftertaste brings back that roughness and it is a dry, bitter finish but not unpleasant and in a way that leaves you curious to keep drinking until the beer is gone and you have to open another. Which is always a pity.

'In The Long Run' Pale: Can Notes

Luckily this beer cam with a t-shirt that has the same image on the beer can on it, so it's possible to see it in all it's glory. We have a couple of chaps running away from something that is shot through a nocturnal lense, lending the fellas a ghostly quality.

I don't know why they're running, or where they're running to, but they're definitely dressed for adventure with all the right gear on. It's a very striking can design, especially with the green ribbon and the Long Man Brewery logo contrasting with the black/white image.

By Adam
A fan of beer since his first can of John Smiths he snook out of his Dad's fridge, Adam is now a craft beer enthusiast. To offset this 'hobby', he also cycles, runs and plays cricket when not spending time with his family.

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