Iceberg Zombie Apocalypse
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A beer named after a nightmare hellscape, packed full to the brim with fruitiness and flavour. Go figure.
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Iceberg Zombie Apocalypse Sour Review

A beer named after a nightmare hellscape, packed full to the brim with fruitiness and flavour. Go figure.

Icebergs aren't really a threat (unless you count their unerring melt as a result of global climate change that could change the course of the Earth's history and endanger all humanity), Zombies aren't real (allegedly) and the apocalypse is a thing from mythology.

But why, together, do they seem so...imminent. There's something quite freaky about the prospect of zombies rising from the icebergs to doom mankind, And something quite poetic too.

Iceberg Zombie Apocalypse - Can and Pour

KCBC haven't concerned themselves with such matters though, instead packing this fruit sour full of cherry, lemon, strawberry, blackberry, banana, vanilla and of course, lactose for that milkshake finish.

The result is the lovechild of an innocent smoothie and a strawberry daquiri: fruity, boozy and refreshingly sour.

Iceberg Zombie Apocalypse: Taste Test

It smells like a smoothie with a lot of fruit aromas including strawberry and banana coming from the can the moment you crack the seal. There's a slightly sour scent too to compliment the fruitiness, which is very intriguing.

The tartness of all this fruit comes through pretty much immediately in the flavour, which consists largely of all the berries involved and giving it a lot of sweetness to combat the acidity of the sourness.

Iceberg Zombie Apocalypse - Untappd Review Adam

The banana is a more rounded flavour, almost on the fringe of the beer as it moves into the aftertaste and becomes more obvious with the sharp, shor sourness fading away a little.

There remains a sharpness though despite this, and you're left with a crisp finish that makes you want to keep coming back for more.

Iceberg Zombie Apocalypse - Can Notes

This can is bonkers. There's so much happening on it, it reminds me very much of Northern Monk's Can of Whup Ass with the artwork being on par with the beer quality.

Featuring a zombie, an iceberg and what is undoubtedly some kind of apocalyptic vision with giant penguins and monster mammoths. The mammoth is in the process of attacking a kayaker and the penguin is about to eat a polar bear, all while asteroids rain down in the dark night sky behind.

The zombie at the front of the can takes centre stage, although it's a pretty tough stage to own. Ambling towards you menacingly as all this happens in the background. The name of the beer itself is on the front and fits in with the apocalyptic design, with the brewery across the bottom.

There's not that much information on the can about the actual beer other than than ingredients and the beer name, brewery etc. But with a can this busy it really doesn't need too much more information.

Buy KCBC Iceberg Zombie Apocalypse Sour

If you're not concerned about the apocalypse, zombies or icebergs (although you should probably be a little concerned about the icebergs, from a climate change perspective) - then you can grab a can of this from Honest Brew.

Click on the link above or the one at the top of this post to get a sour experience. In relation to the beer. The service at Honest Brew is pretty good.

By Adam
A fan of beer since his first can of John Smiths he snook out of his Dad's fridge, Adam is now a craft beer enthusiast. To offset this 'hobby', he also cycles, runs and plays cricket when not spending time with his family.

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