Great Character 'F'
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The Great Character range is new territory for Ferry Ales Brewery, but a sign that class is permanent no matter what you turn your hand to.
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Great Character 'F' Belgian Saison Review

The Great Character range is new territory for Ferry Ales Brewery, but a sign that class is permanent no matter what you turn your hand to.

f belgian saison can and pour

Always looking to innovate their range, this is the first time Ferry Ales has canned craft beer and the focus on doing simple things well pays dividends.

Belgian saison isn't the most mainstream of brews, not compared to the other two in the range: an IPA and a porter; but saisons are popular in the craft beer scene and if they're going to make their mark as craft brewers, a great saison is a must.

Great Character F: Taste Test

The aroma is quite plain, a little bit of yeasty bitterness along with an earthy, malty scent that while not being unpleasant, doesn't exactly set your taste buds on fire.

The pour is a lovely cloudy gold and is the glass fills, a spicy, earthier aroma adds more of an appeal to the beer, coupled with a light white head.

great character f

The initial flavour is a little sour and peppery, with a yeasty body that makes it a little rough around the edges. It's got a dry profile which lasts right into the aftertaste, but there's also a very subtle fruitiness there to combine the yeasty flavour and balance the spice, making the aftertaste a little bitter also.

This beer was served straight out of the fridge, but I actually enjoyed it more as it got to room temperature. The flavours seemed more developed as it warmed up and it was much nicer.

Great Character F: Can Notes

These cans are very much a work in progress as Ferry Ales have been focusing on the beer, which is completely right I reckon. The can itself is pretty good though, simple but effective.

I really like the massive 'F' on the front in the big, bold black lettering, along with the smaller 'Great Character' at the top. With the plain white label it adds a lot of class to the design.

f belgian saison can 1

What I really like about these can designs is all the information on the label. Lots of information about the beer composition, style and what to expect from it: it's character if you will.

Buy Great Character F Belgian Saison

You'll be able to find this in some of your local bottle shops if you're in or around Lincoln, but online it's only available in packs of 12 for £35, which works out at about £2.90 a can.

Alternatively, you can buy one of the taster gift packs where you get one of each of the F, A and B Great Character beers to try.

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