Flying Rabbit
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Rabbits can't fly, we know this to be true. But if this beer is compensation for not having flying rabbits, then I'm more than ok with that.
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Flying Rabbit Review

Rabbits can't fly, we know this to be true. But if this beer is compensation for not having flying rabbits, then I'm more than ok with that. 

Not sure we need flying rabbits anyway. 
Flying Rabbit bottle and pour
Flying Rabbit is a well-known American IPA coming from the Monyo Brewing Co in Hungary. Whilst the beer is good, the real headline grabber is the label. It's like a scene from an Adult Swim cartoon, there's so much going on. Every time you look closer at the label you see something new happening, it's a thrilling accompaniment to the beer itself.

Flying Rabbit: Taste Test

It pours beautifully, with a deep amber colour that looks like treacle in a glass. The aromas you get are immediately malty, which is a theme that carries through right the way to the aftertaste. 
Flying Rabbit
The initial flavour is a little fruity with a hint of citrusy flavour, which would be a nod to the citra hops that are used in brewing it. The two delicate flavours of fruity and malty make it well-balanced and light.
The aftertaste loses most of the fruitiness but leaves you with a subtle malty flavour which covers any flavour of the alcohol in it nicely. Given that Monyo uses five different kinds of malt in it, it is unsurprising that the slightly bitter malt is so prevalent, but the fact it's so well balanced with the citra hops make it a really great IPA.

Flying Rabbit: Bottle Notes

Back to the label, which is where the real creativity lies. 
As well as the battered, one-eyed rabbit being blasted backwards by the open bottle, there's a whole range of characters involved in this scene.
Flying Rabbit bottle
A t-rex firing a gun at a UFO, which is, in turn, blasting a giant that is holding onto the side of a mountain with the American flag stuck in the peak. An upturned car on fire next to a dead duck which looks to have been taken out by the bottlecap the rabbit is flying on.
Honestly, I could look at this label all day and still love it. 

Buy Flying Rabbit IPA

If you want to check out the label (and the beer, obvs) yourself then you'll need to look hard for it. The only place we could find it for sale was Beers of Europe, where it was a measly £1.93. Disgustingly cheap.
By Adam
A fan of beer since his first can of John Smiths he snook out of his Dad's fridge, Adam is now a craft beer enthusiast. To offset this 'hobby', he also cycles, runs and plays cricket when not spending time with his family.

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MONYO Brewing Co
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Grapefruit, pine, biscuit
American IPA
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