Espresso Martini
WE RATE IT: 3 / 5
Coffee goes with pretty much anything, we know this to be true. But some coffee beers are greater than others, and this isn't one of the greatest hits.
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Espresso Martini Milk Stout Review

Coffee goes with pretty much anything, we know this to be true. But some coffee beers are greater than others, and this isn't one of the greatest hits.

A collaboration between creatives from Bristol Beer Factory and local coffee roasters Wogan's, the beer uses dark chocolate malt to add depth of flavour and that chocolate, bittersweetness associated with dark chocolate and coffee.

Espresso Martini Milk Stout Pour and Bottle

Smooth, dark and roasty; Espresso Martini is class in a glass and although I didn't drink it out of a martini glass, i'm sure it would add a level of style that is far beyond my reach.

Espresso Martini Milk Stout: Taste Test

The main aroma is coffee, which hits you in the face like a strong black coffee the morning of a hangover. It's very strong and very rich, with a touch of sweetness in the aroma that just hints at something else.

The pour is thin, as is the body which is a little disappointing, but at just 4.5% it was never going to be too deep or thick. The flavour is a little thin too, very much coffee-forward in a cold brew style, the bitterness coming a little after sip.

Espresso Martini Milk Stout Untappd Review Adam

There's a definite dark chocolate bitter/sweet flavour but that comes more towards the back of the flavour profile, with the bitterness of both coffee and dark chocolate overriding most of the flavour into the aftertaste, with just a touch of malt to try and balance it out.

It's not unpleasant and it's quite a nice beer, it's just not very exciting. It feels like a very straight-batted coffee stout - nothing wrong with that of course, but I was expecting more chocolate and a little more depth.

Espresso Martini: Bottle Notes

The bottle is pretty plain, with the Bristol Beer Factory logo taking up the main design part above the Wogan's coffee logo to symbolise the partnership. There's also a cityscape in light grey along the bottom of the label, which is a nice touch and I can only assume is Bristol.

There's a lot of information on the front about the beer including the name, style and some style notes which make it a very forward beer when trying to tempt you in. You know exactly what you're getting.

The back has a little more information about the taste and beer style to provide a little more context, but like the beer itself it's pretty straightforward.

Buy Espresso Martini Milk Stout

This one is a Beer52 exclusive, so you'll have to join up with them if you want to get a taste of this brew yourself.

At just £2.79 a bottle it's certainly worth a go, and it will definitely help to perk you up if you're feeling a little sluggish of an evening.

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