Disco Forklift Truck
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What a name. I mean, Disco Forklift Truck? Conjures up images of late night raves in the Amazon warehouse or a scene from the YMCA music video.
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Disco Forklift Truck Review

What a name. I mean, Disco Forklift Truck? Conjures up images of late-night raves in the Amazon warehouse or a scene from the YMCA music video.

Disco Forklift Truck can and pour

This pale ale from Drygate is a celebration of the mango, although what that has to do with discos or forklift trucks i’m not sure, but i’m equally sure I don’t care. Because this is mango-nificent (sorry).

Disco Forklift Truck: Taste Test

The mango hits your nose immediately, which is a theme that continues right the way through the beer and is a perfect tribute to the exotic fruit.

The pour is a deeper orange than many pales, I hesitate to say mango-coloured but it kind of is. The forward taste is the tropical taste of the mango, but that fades quite quickly in the mouth to be replaced by a hoppy bitterness which helps to balance out the strong mango running all the way through.

Disco Forklift Truck

This bitterness carries through a little into the aftertaste, but the overriding flavour even afterwards is mango, although it’s much more delicate in the aftertaste that it was on the taste.

Disco Forklift Truck: Can Notes

Is it a disco? It’s certainly not a forklift truck. It could be more techno than disco, but either way the coloured shapes slotting together on a band across the middle contrasts well with the white top and black bottom.

The shapes peter out into these two colours, but the bright pink lettering of Disco Forklift Truck is instantly eye-catching, with the brewery name underneath in silver on the black.

Disco Forklift Truck can

It’s a great can design, using simplicity to great affect. I’d pick it out of the shelf full of beers everytime.

Buy Disco Forklift Truck Pale Ale

We got this little heavy-machinery-related gem from Sainsbury’s, believe it or not. Check out your local branch or order it online at Saino’s where you will pay just £1.85 a can. If you don’t want to support the big supermarkets, you can get it from Drygate’s web shop for just £1.75 a 330ml can.

By Adam
A fan of beer since his first can of John Smiths he snook out of his Dad's fridge, Adam is now a craft beer enthusiast. To offset this 'hobby', he also cycles, runs and plays cricket when not spending time with his family.

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