Citrus Maxima
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Despite sounding like a cabaret character from the Roman Empire, Citra Maxima is actually a fresh and fruity pale ale that has no place in a cabaret.
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Citrus Maxima Pale Ale Review

Despite sounding like a cabaret character from the Roman Empire, Citra Maxima is actually a fresh and fruity pale ale that has no place in a cabaret.

A very low-strength beer at just 4%, it lends itself nicely to the subtle citrus flavours of lemon and lime. And it's in a pint can, which is an excellent thing to exists and means I could bust out the fancy Stella chalice.

citrus maxima can and pour

It's a wonderfully hazy pale with loads of lemon and lime zest to make it a really nice and sessionable beer. It doesn't matter whether you're drinking it in pints, quarts or gallons, it's the kind of beer you'd never get tired of drinking.

Citrus Maxima: Taste Test

The aroma is very light, with hops being a foundation against the predominant lemon and lime citrus flavours. The pour reveals a highly carbonated body that's not dissimilar to lager, although this settles down a little as it warms.

The flavour is a little dank at first with an almost grassy note, but that quickly turns into the bittersweet lemon and lime flavours that work wonderfully with the lightness to give a really refreshing taste.


Brilliantly balanced with the bittersweet citrus fruit and the more earthy bitterness from the hops, the aftertaste leaves you wanting more with a touch of bitterness but mainly sweetness from the fruit.

Citrus Maxima: Can Notes

Pint cans. Love them. There's something about a pint can that makes you feel safe, like you're on solid ground. It feels hefty, which is very comforting in the hand.

The design itself is pretty straightforward, as are most of Arbor's can range. Opting for a light lime green label is a smart choice, making it relevant to the beer, being lemon and lime flavour along with the yellow Arbor logo and brewery name in bold type sideways.

The black can is a nice touch and one that contrasts well with the label, and shows some consistency with the black font colour to make it a really stand out can.

Along with it's size, there's also loads of information on the back of the can which is great for reading while you're pouring it like a pint at the bar.

Buy Citrus Maxima Lemon & Lime Pale Ale

Get your hands on this can (you might need two hands) from Honest Brew for just £4.49 which, when you consider the cost of a pint these days, is pretty darned good.

Non-members will need to shell out a few coppers more at £4.79 which is still a lot cheaper than a pint of booze in London.

By Adam
A fan of beer since his first can of John Smiths he snook out of his Dad's fridge, Adam is now a craft beer enthusiast. To offset this 'hobby', he also cycles, runs and plays cricket when not spending time with his family.

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