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While I wouldn't want to describe Barack Obama as sweet, nutty and thick; I do still think this is a fitting tribute to a President we've all missed these past few years.
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Barack Oklava Review

While I wouldn't want to describe Barack Obama as sweet, nutty and thick; I do still think this is a fitting tribute to a President we've all missed these past few years.

Barack Oklava - Can and Pour

I feel like Brew York came up with the name for the beer off the back of the flavour profile, rather than the other way around. Sweet and sticky baklava meets walnut and pistachio, combining to create a flavour which doesn't sound very American, but is more patriotic than you think.

A place called Stockton in Missouri was once the largest producer of Black Walnuts in the world, and despite Iran being the most famous country where pistachios are concerned, the USA is actually one of the biggest producers worldwide.

Baklava is where this patriotic link falls short though, with the European/Middle Eastern fusion dessert having little to do with America, but providing a great flavour to style around Obama's name.

Barack Oklava: Taste Test

Whilst the beer bio waxes lyrical about the nuttiness, it's actually the sweet, citrusy orange blossom that is the prominent flavour from the initial smell.

The pour is deliciously thick and as it fills the glass, there's a definite nutty scent that joins the orange to create that Middle-Eastern-style sweet and savoury flavour.

Barack Oklava Untappd Review Adam

The flavour itself is slightly sweet again, but this quickly moves into a heavy walnut flavour which is mixed with the slightly sweeter and earthier pistachio. Moving into the aftertaste, the walnut really takes over and flattens any residual sweetness from the delicate orange blossom, but in a good way.

Barack Oklava: Can Notes

Like baklava, this has got layers. Literally, it's striped with darker and ligther green which is very much a nod to the pistachio that's prevalent in baklava.

The darker accents are brown - dare I say walnut brown - and the design itself features a piece of baklava with a flag saying 'yes we can' - Obama's second term campaign slogan.

Barack Oklava - Can

Brew York keep to their style, with the name in the stripe in the middle sideways along with the beer bio. It's a striking can and although not their brightest, certainly one of my favourites.

The eagle-eyed along you will notice the Beer Hawk logo at the bottom of the brown stripe, which is there because this was brewed in collaboration with the Beer Hawk bar in Leeds to celebrate their 1st birthday.

Buy Barack Oklava Stout

If your response to this beer review is 'Yes We Can' then you can click the link on the top right to go to Honest Brew, where members will pay £5.91 for the pleasure of drinking a President's beer (kinda).

We got ours from our local bottle shop, so keep an eye out on the shelves of your local or if you just can't wait, stick it in your HB basket.

By Adam
A fan of beer since his first can of John Smiths he snook out of his Dad's fridge, Adam is now a craft beer enthusiast. To offset this 'hobby', he also cycles, runs and plays cricket when not spending time with his family.

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